UA Mobile 2016

Kyiv, 16th April 2016

About conference

On April 16 the fourth all-Ukrainian conference on development of mobile applications and services - UA Mobile 2016 will be held in Kyiv..

UA Mobile is an all-Ukrainian conference of developers of applications for mobile devices, dedicated to provision of mobile solutions for business, research and the field of Edutainment, as well as to trends and innovations in the field of software development for mobile devices for the current year.

Much attention on the conference will be paid to the conceptual issues of development of mobile devices and software platforms for them, as well as new software solutions to simplify and accelerate the development of mobile applications. The Conference is of interest for both developers of mobile applications and for all who are interested in mobile technologies.

The main objective of the conference is the support of the community of Ukrainian developers in the field of mobile technology and the exchange of experience and knowledge within major mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows and others) as well as in related areas: cross-platform solutions, user interfaces, game development, marketing of mobile applications, etc.

Aspects of UA Mobile

Application Development

Development of applications for main software platforms: iOS, Android and WР. Involvement of modern libraries, components and approaches in development.

Application testing

Utilization of the latest tools and approaches in mobile application and service testing.

Game development

Exchange of mobile game development practices. Utilization of modern frameworks and technologies. Aspects of game development for various mobile platforms..

Cross-platform solutions

The most up-to-date and efficient solutions for cross-platform development of mobile applications. Pros and cons of cross-platform technologies.

Project management

Efficient approaches in mobile development process management. Exchange of management practices in real projects and companies.

Mobile application marketing

Modern and efficient ways of mobile application promotion on both world and domestic markets.

Business and investment

Attracting investments into mobile projects. Expertise in implementation of successful start-ups.


Cesar Valiente
Android Google Developer Expert (GDE).
Android Engineer at Wunderlist.

Refactoring Wunderlist

Wunderlist is the most used todo-based productivity app.

In this talk I will explain the changes we are doing in our architecture to make it better, more testable, more readable and more solid, how we are applying the MVP pattern to the presentation layer and how are we decoupling the elements involved here to make them easy to test.

I will also explain how we use "use cases" that for us are kind of "microservices", then I will explain too how we are moving parts of our app to make then reactive applying reactive programming.

About speaker

César Valiente is currently working at Microsoft, in the Wunderlist team, the makers of the famous and awarded multi-platform productivity app, as Android Engineer. His current focus is on making Wunderlist for Android better, working on the core of the app improving the current code base.

César is recognized by Google as Android Google Developer Expert (GDE). He is a community guy and actively supports GDG communities and local meet-ups, giving talks, helping organizing events, etc.

He is a FLOSS (Free/Libre Open Source Software) expert and advocate. As an avid speaker, he thinks that sharing knowledge with the community is something really great and important, so he has spoken in some of the most important mobile/Android related conferences along EMEA.

Orhan Obut
Android Google Developer Expert (GDE).
Android Developer at Blacklane.

Life of APK

Android application development seems to have only a few steps: Write code, assemble it and deliver.

But how does your code actually work during the assemble? What transformations it gets and delivers to the end user? What happens to your resources, source files? How does the compiler work for android? Why do you need to sign your application and what happens after the user launches your application? And many other questions.

In this talk, I'll try to explain all steps behind the android development from writing code to launching the application. I will try to reveal all those magics behind the assemble process.

About speaker

Orhan is an Android Google Developer Expert in Berlin and currently working as android developer at Blacklane. He has experience on various domains from m-banking to m-commerce applications. His goal is to apply software principles and best practices to the mobile development and share this experience with the other fellow developers. He actively uses various channels to accomplish his mission. He is especially interested in open-source and constantly support it. He also speaks about his experience of android development in the public conferences.

Hector Zarate
iOS Developer at Spotify.

Consistent, Thin and Dumb

A story about how we transitioned from a client-driven iOS app to a backend-driven one.

How are we leveraging our own internal frameworks? and, besides the technical aspect, what are the challenges of our organization structure to achieve this?

About speaker

Hector Zarate is Spotify's own iOS cowboy. Besides working at some exciting features, he is also author of an internal framework in charge of rendering lots of Spotify in iOS.

On his spare time he occasionally develops his own apps, writes on and tries to find the best milk chocolate bar in he world.

Enrique López Mañas
Android Google Developer Expert (GDE).
Software Engineer at Stadtwerke München GmbH.

Android Mobile Continuous Integration

Continuous Integration and Build is a process that organisations implement in order to achieve a development flow, capable of transporting the application from its original conception into a testable product that is tested several times a day.

The mobile development follow a particular diagram of CI implementation. In this talk, we will explore how a CI workflow can be implemented for Android: from testing, to build scripting without forgetting a branching strategy.

About speaker

Enrique is a Google Developer Expert, and IT Consultor normally based in Munich, Germany (although is hard to catch him up there for more than a few weeks). He develops software and writes about it for money and fun. He spends his free time developing OpenSource code, writing articles, learning languages or taking photographies. He loves nature, beer, traveling, and talking about him in third person.

John Sundell
Lead iOS developer at Spotify.

Taking Objective-C to the next level

We're all really excited about Swift these days, and even though most people agree that Swift is the future of iOS development - most of us still have a lot of Objective-C code that we have to keep working with. Instead of being frustrated with Objective-C, or do something radical and rewrite your whole app in Swift - there are a ton of modern concepts and design patterns that can easily be implemented in Objective-C, as well as in Swift.

During this talk, John will show some examples on how Spotify keeps moving its Objective-C codebase forward, and how you easily can improve the quality, testability and predicability of your Objective-C code. There will be live coding!

About speaker

John has been building apps, tools and games for Apple platforms since the early days of the iOS SDK. For the last 3 years, he's been working on the Spotify iOS app, implementing new features, trying out new design patterns and building frameworks for dynamic UI development. John is also a huge fan of Swift, spending a large part of his spare time hacking away on open source projects, games and tools using it.

Mateusz Herych
Android Google Developer Expert (GDE).
Android Tech Lead at IG.

Migrate your app to Android N - what will work OOTB, and what will suddenly break your app

Every new Android release makes our smart devices more powerful and user-friendly. They also make it easier for us - developers - to delight our users by fresh platform features that were previously unavailable. Android N isn't any different. With multi-window support, enhanced Doze mode, new notifications system and other cool features Android SDK becomes even more powerful tool in our hands. During this session Mateusz will tell you some details about Android N's freshest features, including his own research that can't be easily found in documentation. Mateusz will also share some thoughts on how new features can break existing apps' behavior.

About speaker

Mateusz works as an Android Tech Lead at IG where he uses his Android abracadabras to make trading experience more mobile. He's also a member of the Google Developer Expert program for Android. An avid fan of coding (of course!), football and railways spending most of free time playing with his newborn twins.

Ekaterina Korovkina
iOS developer at Rambler&Co.

VIPER: our view on the issue

After a year of using VIPER architecture in the development of applications such as LiveJournal, Afisha, Kassa we are ready to share the results of our experience. How and why we use VIPER, what advantages and disadvantages of this approach we see compared to MVC, MVVM or the absence of any architecture. We will also tell you about some of the decisions and agreements that have been produced in course of joint development for better standardization of processes.

About speaker

Ekaterina graduated form Bauman MSTU and started her iOS-developer career in Mail.Ru, developing ICQ and Mail.Agent messengers. Currently, Ekaterina is working in Rambler&Cо company on projects such as LiveJournal, Rambler.Food, Horoscopes and completing her first project on Swift.

Dmitriy Dumanskiy
Co-founder and CTO at Blynk.

Blynk: from the idea to the product

I would like to tell you about the history of starting the Blynk project from an idea to a full-fledged business. Why IoT is the future that is already here and why it should be important for you. About the mistakes we made, unexpected things we faced and why the development for both Android and iOS is our biggest fail.

About speaker

Blynk co-founder, CTO. Formerly a Java Team Lead. Permanent speaker at Java conferences, one of the TOP-3 Java bloggers at habrahabr. Today, Java EE and Android developer. Over 10 years of experience. Specializes in construction of scalable, distributed, big data systems and application optimization. Engages in athletics and likes reading science fiction.

Illya Rodin
Lead Android developer at ROKITT Ukraine.

Critique of “library” approach in developing for Android

Recently there is an explosion of interest to the development of Android applications using the external SDKs and frameworks. First of all, this is due to the energetic activity of such companies as Square and Facebook.

And while we generally have no questions concerning the libraries that perform purely utilitarian functions and help without writing any extra code, the excessive use of libraries and frameworks that impose their rules of the game on top of the native one often leads to negative results.

The aim of the report is to review the negative aspects of the use of such libraries as EventBus, RxJava, Mortar etc. compared to the development using native tools Android Framework, and explain to the audience the idea that any library, framework or SDK is primarily a tool, the efficiency of which depends on the understanding how it works in the context of a specific task.

About speaker

Leading developer at ROKITT Ukraine. Has 6+ years of experience in business development, 30+ mobile applications for Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry, J2ME, is a mentor, a speaker, a coach. Area of interest: promotion of development for Android, the latest mobile technologies and their practical application.

Olexandr Leuschenko
Хamarin Tech Lead at Ciklum.

Reactive Xamarin

But how to maintain the correct operation of application without complicating its architecture? One of the solutions to this problem is the reactive programming. Unfortunately, many developers find it difficult or excessive for their projects.

In my report I would like to draw attention to the practical application of the approach, to show how and why it can be useful in real development for iOS and Android.

About speaker

Aleksandr works for over 8 years in commercial development, during 4 of which he has been writing mobile applications. He promotes mobile development on C#. Currently he is working as a Technical Lead of Xamarin team in Ciklum. Responsible for cross-platform mobile solutions for iOS, Android and UWP. He is an active participant and organizer of conferences and seminars dedicated to mobile development.

Alexey Demedetskiy
iOS developer.

Swift iOS Architecture with FLUX in mind

With the release of Swift, programmers received new opportunities under iOS platform: value types, associative enumerations, tuples, support of a functional paradigm. To make the most of all these innovations it is necessary to rethink the approach to architecture designing. In my report I will demonstrate a working and pragmatic approach to creating iOS apps using the Swift programming language.

About speaker

iOS developer, mentor, consultant. Alexey has been engaged in creation of business applications and startups projects for more than 5 years. In his work he focuses on support and amalgamated code. He promotes Lean/Agile approaches to development, the concept of self-organized teams.

Sergii Zhuk
Android Software Engineer at Zalando SE.

Effective Android Development

The efficiency of your software engineering work depends not only on your deep knowledge and expertise, but also on the toolset you select, and how well you use the tools.
In this talk, I will discuss some tools and approaches that will help you to increase your productivity as an Android developer and decrease the amount of “monkey work” being done day-to-day. My talk will show a collection of solutions used by our team to develop product with 10+ million downloads. Key points:

  • Android Studio: configuration tricks, little-known features and plugins
  • Test devices: emulators vs real gadgets, cloud test platforms
  • App performance: what and how to measure, how to make your app work faster
  • Gradle hacks: build your app faster and add more flexibility for different build types

The information and examples provided will be interesting for both beginner and experienced developers.

About speaker

Sergii Zhuk is Android Software Engineer at Zalando SE (Berlin). Passionated with programming since high school, he has started his career as Java backend developer, but switched later to Android. Sergii is the author of Android Digest for Ukrainian Software Developers Community ( and speaker at various tech events.

Andrew Gevak
Leader of mobile development team at Yandex.Music.

How we did an onboarding for Yandex.Music

The detailed description of how to increase LTV / conversion / waterselect on the example of Yandex.Music. With growth hacks, examples from life and all that.

About speaker

Joined Yandex in 2011 as a graduate of the first School managers Yandex (SMA). In 2012 graduated from Bauman Moscow State Technical University with specializations of physical engineer and manager. Now he is in charge of mobile clients of Yandex.Music service.

Nikita Bondarenko
Windows Mobile Developer at Digital Cloud Technologies.

Windows 10 – one application for all platforms

After the release of the latest operating system from Microsoft, developers get a great opportunity to write single code, develop single view and get a single application that runs on all Windows 10 devices. Just imagine - you do not need to worry about various API on different platforms, different design guidelines. But how could you use this opportunity for the 100%? How could you create a high-quality mobile app that works everywhere, using all existed possibilities?

In this talk, I will tell you how to create a high-quality application for Windows 10, what problems you may encounter and how to solve them and the new procedure of compiling .Net Native.

About speaker

Nikita is the mobile applications developer for Windows Store. In his works he dedicates pretty much attention to the possibilities of the future scalability and reuse. Perfectionist. In his free time plays football, does all kinds of experiments in the development and propagandizes C# mobile development.

Anton Minashkin
Android developer at GlobalLogic.

Data transfering: faster, stronger, better and not harder

Almost all mobile apps should communicate with server or even with each other, some of them should store something and definitely all of them should work as fast as they can. One of the bottlenecks in performance of these apps is operations with data. Actually almost all apps are all about the data, they send it, store it, process it, receive it and somehow show it to the user. So to make your app really fast you definitely need to find a way how to make data processing really fast.

So let’s discus what tools do we have right now for this, how and when should we use it and how this will make your users happier.

About speaker

Android developer, Team lead, currently works at Global Logic. Have experience in both server and mobile side development. All my free time I spend on the endless search of silver bullets, perfect architectures and holy wars.

Serhiy Poplavskiy
Microsoft Ukraine.

Azure App Services for creating backend of the mobile applications. The example of the deployment of Parse Open Source on Azure.

Mobile telephones enter deeper into our lives from year to year. At the same time, not only do they in a private life, but also in working one. A mail, a calendar, a corporate messenger, an office suite and specific applications even now allow us to keep the business on the pulse and carry out the work, being far away from a computer. Being always online is a modern trend. Despite the fact that every year the mobile devices become more productive, we still cannot bring all the business logic on the client side. On the other hand, the mobile devices run on different platforms and the application support issue becomes particularly critical if different commands work over the same functionality for different types of devices.

The cloud helps us in addressing these issues. Bringing the business logic of applications to a centralized backend, we can achieve the ultimate efficiency of the application operation and facilitate support.

In this report, we will talk about the principles of building of the fault-tolerant and scalable server-based applications for mobile devices. We will have a look at the functionality of the Azure cloud services for the mobile application developers, as well as we will have a look at the process of the deployment of these solutions, as exemplified by the Parse platform, which recently became the Open Source.

About speaker

Serhiy Poplavskiy is Microsoft Ukraine representative responsible for technical support of software developers on Microsoft Azure platform and Developer Tools in Ukraine. During his tenure, he delivered more than 40 deep technical training on these topics, was part of development team in several projects based on Microsoft Azure platform and have deep practical experience in implementation and deployment solutions based on this platform. Serhiy has many years .Net programming experience using Visual Studio, implemented several own applications for Windows Phone, Windows and Azure platforms.

Alexander Zimin
iOS developer.

Faster than light

In my report, I will share the experience that I gained while working at I will tell why we returned from MVVM back to the MVC, what is the first experience of using Swift in the production of a major project, how it is possible to increase the conversion of users by 10 times just in 2 weeks of work, as well as I will show the results of my little experiment of printing any application in Featured by Apple.

About speaker

Alexander Zimin, Apple WWDC 2015 Scholarship winner, organizer and speaker of CocoaHeads Moscow. He taught the first in Russia courses on the study of Swift. In addition to iOS-development, he is engaged in the analytics, the product design and the user interface design.

Zeyad Salloum
iOS Developer at Zalando SE

The Flexible Layout Kit (how we got rid of web views)

Content is King! At Zalando, our content is changing every day. fashion trends come and go and new items enter our warehouses every day. Discounts happen over night and every so often we want to present a new feature on a landing page. On websites these changes can be pushed to the public within seconds. But with Native apps we have release cycles measured in weeks or at least days.

In this talk, I’ll cover how we tackled this problem at Zalando by creating a framework we call Flexible Layout Kit. Flexible Layout Kit is a layout engine that translates JSON content into native iOS interfaces. it’s made up of a collection of elements that can be contained inside each other to form amazing native UI.

About speaker

Zeyad is an iOS Developer at Zalando SE. He has been a fan of iOS ever since iOS 1.0 and has been writing apps since version 4 came out. From working with startups to creating his own. And now he's part of the amazing Zalando team that allows us to buy pants from our iPhones :D

Тетяна Зав'ялова
Дизайн-лід у Cogniance

UXD4Mobile. Дизайн мобільних додатків

Процес впливає на результат. Цього року Cogniance разом з UA Mobile проводить унікальну подію, під час якої дизайнери, менеджери проектів та інженери матимуть змогу поділитись своїм досвідом і спробувати нові підходи, які дозволяють підвищити ефективність та поліпшити UX. Починаючи з бізнес ідеї, наша команда ознайомить учасників з етапами процесу проектування мобільних додатків, розкриваючи секрети створення якісних інтерфейсів.

Під час доповіді я поділюся секреатми розробки якісного дизайну мобільних додатків, що ляжуть в основу практичного семінару та представлю результати учасників семінару.

Про спікера

Таня – дизайн-лід в Cogniance. З перших днів випуску iPhone працює на мобільних проектах. Має ряд наукових публікацій, патентів та міжнародних нагород в області дизайну мобільних додатків. Активно виступає на міжнародних конференціях та є організатором ряду практичних семінарів.

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Videos of some reports

Provision of basic security for Android applications.

Provision of basic security for Android applications (in Ukrainian)

Use Swift in real projects.

Use of Swift in real projects (in Russian)

Unit-Testing в iOS projects.

Unit-Testing в iOS projects (in Ukrainian)

How we develop the road service of Ukraine.

How we develop the road service of Ukraine (in Russian)

Codename One - Java to Obj-C bridge.

Codename One - Java to Obj-C bridge (in English)

Biometric authentication with Android. Authorization by voice and fingerprint.

Biometric authentication with Android. Authorization by voice and fingerprint (in Russian)

Testing of mobile applications by Calabash

Testing of mobile applications by Calabash (in Russian)

Automated testing of mobile web applications based on Sencha Touch. Problems and solutions.

Automated testing of mobile web applications based on Sencha Touch. Problems and solutions (in Russian)

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Cogniance co-creates technology products in partnership with startups through to fortune 500 companies. Our engineers and designers work with innovators and entrepreneurs worldwide to define, build, launch and evolve market-winning products that forge lasting relationships with customers.

Cogniance’s design-led thinking, fortified by our Silicon Valley DNA, has enabled companies like NetPulse, Xerox and CloudMade to create and launch impactful products in the connected car, AdTech, and audio markets that engage users and deepen their relationships with brands.


Zalando is Europe’s leading online fashion platform, doing business in 15 markets. Delivering amazing shopping experiences to our +18 million customers requires moving fast ­ with microservices, Agile processes & autonomous teams ­ and using cutting­edge, open­source technologies. We use Scala, Java, AWS, Clojure, React.js, Go, Swift and Docker, to name just a few.

What we've built at Zalando is complex. Supporting – profitably – all the different countries, languages, payment methods, shipping methods, and different product tastes across Europe has required nonstop innovation, creativity and hard work. Zalando technologists build everything in­house, from our logistics software to our mobile applications. Our tech architecture is built upon five key principles: API First, REST, SaaS, cloud, and microservices.

When it comes to tech culture, we believe that trusting each other is key. And we firmly believe in helping people grow: by letting them experiment and make mistakes, by learning new skills through internal tech talks and courses, and by stretching themselves outside the company.

And there is so much more: Mentoring program, Technical People Leads to help you achieve mastery, Colleagues from +70 nationalities, Pro­diversity culture, Autonomy valued, 40% shopping discount, Competitive salaries, Tech Locations: Berlin, Helsinki, Dublin, Dortmund, Mönchengladbach & Erfurt, etc.

Visit us: ​

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Работа в Украине


Aviram Eisenberg
Aviram Eisenberg, founder & CEO @ Ignite
It was a great pleasure for me to speak in the UAMobile for the first time. So many Ukrainian professionals chose to invest their free Saturday to learn about the new trends and technologies in the booming mobile vertical.
As the owner of Ignite, a global software development company that only recently launched APPR – a specialized mobile boutique that provides one stop shop for mobile user experience, mobile development and App promotion, I decided to speak about CodeNameOne, a very hot and new cross-platform mobile technology that allow Java developers to convert to mobile development in 2-3 days and create cross-platform native mobile Apps without efforts!
The organizers deserve all the best words for the flawless organization and for the high level of participation – see you next year!


Kyiv, Stolichne shose 103, Ramada Encore Kiev hotel.

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